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Radio Caroline is a listener supported station. This means most of our income comes in the form of subscriptions to our Support Group or one-off donations.
If you are a regular listener, or even if you are not but enjoy what we do, then please to help us ensure the station can continue broadcasting.

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Radio Caroline does not seek to make a profit as we are unique in that the costs of keeping the station on the air and maintaining and restoring our ship, Ross Revenge, are partly met by donations from our listeners assisted by an all volunteer staff. Below are three ways you can support the radio station and the ship, two of which won’t even cost you a penny!

You can help Radio Caroline whenever you shop on-line. We have joined the easyfundraising scheme, used by many charitable and non-profit-making organisations as part of their effort to fund their activities.

All you have to do is register with easyfundraising and select Radio Caroline as your good cause. Then, whenever you shop on-line, you simply log into your easyfundraising account. From there you'll be able to access the websites of over 2000 retailers.

Simply visit the retailer of your choice and make your purchase in the normal way. It costs you nothing extra, and there may even be special discounts, but Radio Caroline will receive a donation from the retailer. This varies from retailer to retailer and the amount you spend. There's also special offers, discount codes and competitions.

So, to get started, click the logo on the left, register with easyfundraising and select Radio Caroline as your good cause. From then on please remember to log into your easyfundraising account each time you shop on-line. It costs you nothing extra. You'll only spend what you were going to anyway and you'll help Radio Caroline.

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